• Design Thinking Webinar (4/20/2020) by Shannon Lyons Posted in: Tools - Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation. It integrates the needs of people, possibilities of technology, and requirements for business success.   It also allows those who aren’t trained as designers to use creative tools to address a vast range of challenges.  Design thinking will help your team or organization: Better understand the unmet needs […]
  • Lightning Network Conferences (1/31/2020) by Charles Stack Posted in: Lightning Network -
  • Lightning Network Videos (1/29/2020) by Charles Stack Posted in: Lightning Network - Become a lightning network champion over lunch with these 6 short videos.
  • Lightning Network Podcasts (1/28/2020) by Charles Stack Posted in: Lightning Network - Immerse yourself in the 14 best lightning network podcast episodes.
  • Bolt-a-Thon Virtual Lightning Conference (1/27/2020) by Charles Stack Posted in: Events, Lightning Network - Bolt-a-Thon Virtual Lightning Conference, 3-day online hackathon, December 6-8 2019. Here’s the YouTube Channel with recordings of many of the sessions. The first Bolt-A-Thon conference was held in April 2019. There are none currently scheduled for 2020. Recommended sessions. Listed below are the top three hackathon winners with their timecodes. Though somewhat technical, they do […]
  • Lightning Conference 2019 (1/27/2020) by Charles Stack Posted in: Events, Lightning Network - Here are notes and links to recommended sessions from the first global lightning network conference held in Berlin October 19-20 2019. About 500 people attended. Here’s a review of the conference from Bitcoin Magazine. Day One October 19 Main Stage Video, 8 hours. Day Two October 20 Main Stage Video, 8 hours. Much more digestible single-session […]
  • Lightning Network Books (1/24/2020) by Charles Stack Posted in: Lightning Network, Tools - Books are generally a poor medium for emerging technologies. The book industry operates at a glacial pace compared to most emerging technologies. By the time a book is published, the contents are invariably dated and the technology has probably already emerged. Nonetheless, here are a few books, or book-like publications, that cover the Lightning Network. […]
  • Bitcoin Lightning Network Online Courses (1/23/2020) by Charles Stack Posted in: Lightning Network, Tutorials - There are not yet many online courses strictly focused on the lightning network. But here are a few Bitcoin courses that we recommend that provide an excellent background for understanding lightning. Payment Channels and Lightning Network, MIT, 2018, Lectures 13 and 14, Tadge Dryja (leading expert). Great graduate-level lectures. Part of a very good bitcoin […]
  • Learning Crypto Online – Week 1 (1/23/2020) by Charles Stack Posted in: Lightning Network, Tutorials - I just passed my first quiz with a score of 83.3%. Yay! I just concluded week one of a 12 week MOOC (massive open online course) offered by the University of Nicosia, Cyprus. The title of the course is Introduction to Digital Currencies. The course is mostly self-study with a set of excellent bibliographies for […]
  • Congress considers Bill enabling tax-free Lightning Network Bitcoin transactions (1/22/2020) by Charles Stack Posted in: News - The Virtual Currency Tax Fairness Act of 2020 is a bipartisan (3 page!) bill that will create a de minimus exemption for crypt currency capital gains below $200. If this bi-partisan bill is passed it will be an enormous boost for the Lightning Network and indirectly for the value of bitcoin as the underlying currency. […]
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