• Adopting Best Practices is NOT Innovation (1/10/2020) by Charles Stack Posted in: Other - Many consultants and organizations confuse adopting best practices with true innovation. While researching and adopting best practices can improve corporate performance, it should not be confused with true innovation. Adopting best practices involves selecting from the past.  Innovation is very different because is forward looking. True innovation is when you create the best practices that […]
  • 13 Best Blockchain Books, and 1 to Skip (1/7/2020) by Charles Stack Posted in: News, Tools - Check out my contribution to this just-published list of the best blockchain books for 2020. All the books are good, except for Satoshi’s Vision, by Craig Wright which is nearly an industry joke, so skip it.
  • Cincy Innovation Hub To Expand to 400,000 square feet (1/6/2020) by Charles Stack Posted in: News - The Cincinnati innovation hub 1819 plans to expand to 400,000 square feet with a new $250 million expansion. It already is supported by the major players in the Cincy region: University of Cincinnati, Proctor & Gamble, Kroger, Fifth Third, CincyTech, VentureLab, Worldplay, Cincinnati Bell, Kingsgate Logistics and Cincinnati Insurance companies. Meanwhile back in Cleveland. We […]
  • Design Thinking on Netflix (12/19/2019) by Charles Stack Posted in: Tips, Tools - For a somewhat orthogonal approach to new sources of innovation inspiration, you should check out the Netflix series Abstract. It is an innovative show about innovation. Each episode features a different designer and is presented by a different director.
  • A New Software Triumvirate (12/16/2019) by Charles Stack Posted in: News, Tips - Your CIO should take a look at a new software triumvirate: Dart, Flutter, and Fuchsia. Dart is a programming language, Flutter is a development framework, and Fuchsia is an operating system. Why should you care? Developed by Google Multi-platform Android/Ios/Web Dart has microscopic adoption (0.2%) but it is growing rapidly Encouraging developers to learn new […]
  • What are your machines learning? (12/16/2019) by Charles Stack Posted in: News, Tools - Machine learning (ML) is already a $2B USD market growing at 40+% a year. Unlike blockchain, ML can be applied to nearly every aspect of your business: accounting fraud detection, supply channel optimization, consumer marketing, employee hiring, intelligent products, process automation, and many others. The only thing you need to apply ML to a problem […]
  • Twitter moving to Blockchain (12/12/2019) by Charles Stack Posted in: News - Mark December 11, 2019, as the day that blockchain entered the mainstream. Twitter announced that they were forming a team to build an opensource blockchain platform for Twitter. What’s your strategy?
  • Bah Humbug! to Customer Discovery! (12/6/2019) by flashstarts Posted in: Other - Crain’s coverage of the the North Coast Angel Fund ‘One Crucial Thing’ Charles Stack, a serial startup entrepreneur who is now CEO of Flashstarts Inc., a business accelerator that is transforming itself into a consultancy, said that while investors and entrepreneurs should pay attention to what the market thinks it wants, that shouldn’t deter people from what […]
  • Bust Up Amazon? Friday, December 6 (12/4/2019) by Charles Stack Posted in: Events - Charles Stack is on a panel Friday, December 6 at Cleveland Marshall College of Law discussing Trustbusting Big Tech. Details here
  • Stack Keynotes Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Friday 12/6 (12/4/2019) by Charles Stack Posted in: Events - Charles Stack will be the keynote speaker at the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses event this Friday, December 6, 2019, at Cuyahoga Community College. He will show scars and share lessons learned in his 40 years of entrepreneurship. More info here
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