• City Launches Innovation Hub (11/13/2019) by Charles Stack Posted in: News - The city announced a new innovation hub: “anywhere can become a leader in technology and innovation”, said the Governor of Illinois in the City – Peoria. Link Yes, today I have city, country envy.
  • President pushes for Blockchain Innovation (11/13/2019) by Charles Stack Posted in: News - The President says the country must “Seize the opportunity offered by blockchain technologies” and will launch a digital currency in 2020. Said President Xi of China. Link
  • spider graph Levels of Technology Adoption (11/8/2019) by Charles Stack Posted in: Other - Flashstarts Levels of Technology Adoption 0 – Unengaged New technologies are being continuously invented. There is always some period of time before your organization even becomes aware of them. The recommended procedure is to monitor a broad set of information resources keeping an eye out for interesting new technologies. Once located the new technology is […]
  • Video Tutorials (10/22/2019) by Charles Stack Posted in: Other - We are launching a new YouTube Channel focused on helping you become an Innovation Champion within your organization. Here’s the video introduction to our new channel:
  • McKinsey Blockchain Categories (10/3/2019) by Charles Stack Posted in: Tips, Tools - McKinsey has a fairly clear categorization for 6 use cases for corporate blockchain. Note: Category 6 which includes ‘everything else’. Which is a clear indication that they acknowledge the opportunity for many as yet un-imagined opportunities. But it is a good starting point.
  • Charles Stack Selected to Represent 1994 in Global Celebration (3/12/2019) by Shannon Lyons Posted in: Other -   Charles Stack selected to represent 1994 for the Web30 Birthday Celebration March 12, 2019 Charles Stack is one of a select group of people in the world to be asked by the World Wide Web Foundation to celebrate the Web’s 30th birthday on March 12, 2019. The World Wide Web was created on March 12, 1989 by […]
  • New ‘roadshow’ to share information about blockchain possibilities (3/6/2019) by Emily Liptow Posted in: Other - By Emily Bamforth, CLEVELAND, Ohio — Charles Stack, the founder and CEO of Flashstarts, knows it’s hard to explain blockchain. So Flashstarts, a local venture fund and business accelerator, is sponsoring a blockchain “roadshow” to travel around Northeast Ohio and expand the idea. Blockchain is a online ledger system which can be used to […]
  • Case Western Reserve University will be home to ‘Cleveland Blockchain and Digital Futures Hub’ (12/6/2018) by Emily Liptow Posted in: Other - | Full Article Case Western Reserve University President Barbara Snyder announced Tuesday the formation of a new “Cleveland Blockchain and Digital Futures Hub.” The think tank will not only address blockchain technology, but also build on research in other areas, such as the Internet of Things and augmented and virtual reality. The hub will […]
  • U.S. Rep. Warren Davidson announces legislation to regulate initial coin offerings (12/6/2018) by Emily Liptow Posted in: Other - | Full Article U.S. Rep. Warren Davidson of Ohio announced Monday a plan to regulate cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings through the federal government. An initial coin offering is when a company begins to sell a cryptocurrency in the form of tokens. There are a limited amount of these tokens, which is what gives […]
  • Blockchain Investment (12/5/2018) by Emily Liptow Posted in: Other - Ideastream | Full Article Listen to Flashstarts CEO, Charles Stack, talk about Blockland and the initiative to make Cleveland a hub for blockchain technology. Listen here at 36:40  
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