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Sprints are intense, highly-structured 1-3-day innovation cycles where teams deep dive into a specific topic by prototyping, testing, and validating with end users. 

Sprints start with teams of up to 5 people who are ready for an exhilarating, collaborative, fast-paced, high-energy innovation cycle. We challenge participants to get out of their comfort zones and consider their work from other perspectives. This requires participants from different organizational backgrounds and business units to develop creative thinking, and solve problems….together.



Sometimes the path between two points is complex. Projects are longer engagements that help you to focus on the most pressing issues and test new ideas.  You begin by defining the right problems, ideating, and then gathering validated information to help inform your decisions.

Projects are designed to manage risk and uncertainty when pursuing disruptive ideas in order to drive new business. Outcomes often result in highly-disruptive concepts with supporting business models.


Innovation is not a one-time event or training. It should occur everyday, within the conference rooms and around the water coolers in your office. We are excited to form partnerships in order to help you launch your internal innovation accelerators. Through your accelerator, corporate teams follow a structured, methodological process in an environment as they develop new ways of working, new products and strategies. Teams are guided through designing and running experiments to validate their riskiest assumptions concerning desirability, viability, and feasibility.

We’ll help you design the unique processes, physical space and tech to support your ‘intrapreneurs’.

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