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Lightning Network Videos

Lightning Network Videos

While we have previously covered some video content from online courses, conferences, and websites generally this section features a short curated selection of educational videos intended to quickly explain the lightning network. Watch them all over lunch and you will be a lightning network corporate champion by afternoon.

Lightning Network Explained, 12:24, April 2019. Very clear explanations and lovely hand-drawn graphics. Uses our favorite bar tab analogy as the underlying metaphor. Includes an explanation of the concept of streaming money. Highly recommended. 

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, Simply Explained! 5:33, Dec 2017. Basic clear simple explanation. Note: current implementations generally abstract open/closing channel complexity.

What is the Lightning Network?, 7:17, Nov 2018, Nate Martin, 99 Bitcoins. Good for why people are excited about lightning.

What is Lightning Network and how does it work?, 1:54, April 2018, Coindesk. The best explanation of the concept of payment channels.

Earn Bitcoin with Lightning Network Routing fees, Feb 2019, 8:25, Rene Pickhardt. Watch this if you want more on the topic of lightning network routing fees. The activity and fee data are outdated but the concepts are still relevant.

Bitcoin Q&A: Misconceptions about Lightning Network, 22:42, Feb 2018, Andreas Antonopoulos. Clears up some common misconceptions about the lightning network.

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