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Lightning Network Podcasts

Lightning Network Podcasts

Podcasts are one of the best educational sources for information about the lightning network. there is something about podcasting and lightning that go particularly well together. There is also an enchanting level of enthusiasm conveyed in the voices of the podcast lightning community. We also generally recommend podcasts as a great form of immersive learning. Use your daily commute for the next week and immerse yourself in the lightning network. Here are selected starter podcast episodes for this immersive experience.

Understanding the Lightning Network, Around The Coin, Mar 2019, 42m. They discuss the very basics of the Lightning Network and what it means for normal folks.

Lightning Junkies, Chaz Cryptoson, weekly show launched September 2019.

What Bitcoin Did, Peter McCormack. The number one bitcoin podcast in the world, and for good reason. Host Peter McCormick travels the world for face-to-face interviews with leading bitcoin luminaries. He has the best guests and an extremely listenable style with uniformly excellent content. Highly, highly recommended.  Now twice weekly. Here are our recommended episodes focused on the lightning network.

An Introduction to The Lightning Network, March 10, 2019, Guest: Christian Decker, Blockstream.

Lightning Network in Review, December 27, 2019, Guest: Jack Mallers.
Bitcoin Scaling and Lightning Network, May 25, 2018, Guest: Jameson Lopp, Casa.
Limitations of Lightning, April 25, 2019, Guest: Tadge Dryja, co-author of the original lightning whitepaper.
Economics of The Lightning Network, April 9, 2019, Guests: Nic Carter, Pierre Rochard.
Lightning in Retail, April 12, 2019 Guest: Sergej Kotliar, Bitrefill.
Tech Coming to Lightning, April 20, 2019, Guest Christian Decker. Somewhat technical.
Lightning and the Law, April 16, 2019. Guest: Peter Van Valkenburgh. Interesting topic for certain lightning use cases.
Why We Need Bitcoin, January 3, 2020, Guest: Andreas Antonopoulos. Not lightning specific but, if you only listen to one podcast this should be the one. Two of the most compelling people in the Bitcoin space share a mic.

Mastering Lightning, Stephan Livera, Guest: Andreas Antonopoulos January 6, 2020.

Lightning Network Explained, Anita Posch, 2019, Guest: Rene Pickhardt.

What are Lightning Wallets Doing to Help Onboard New Users? Coindesk, January 26, 2020.

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