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Drive My Way Launches Partnership with NASDAQ



From Akron, OH to New York City and beyond, Drive My Way is making a name for themselves in the trucking industry. Their name spreads along the highways and byways that keep our nation running, carried by professionals in the trucking industry. What is Drive My Way? According to founder and CEO Beth Potratz, you can think of it like the “eHarmony for the trucking industry.”

More specifically, Drive My Way offers a unique, online, personalized recruiting service that matches CDL truck drivers with available jobs based on their qualifications and personal preferences. Drive My Way seeks to relieve an acute challenge in the trucking industry – a rapidly increasing driver shortage combined with a driver turnover rate that exceeds 90%.

dmw380Drive My Way was the first company offered a position in our 2016 Accelerator class, and their budding potential is turning into a successful reality. Just last week, Drive My Way officially launched their partnership with NASDAQ for their content marketing and expertise in the trucking industry and were featured on a scrolling marquee in Times Square.

With their introduction to the Trucking Industry, Drive My Way very intentionally dedicated time to becoming an expert in their industry and to working with other industry experts and their hard work is paying off. Their appearance in Times Square serves as external recognition of their expertise as voices of insight in the trucking industry.

In addition to the recognition they are receiving as industry leaders, Drive My Way’s growth has skyrocketed, growing approximately 330% in only 4 months. In June, their total number of registered drivers was 2,200. Drive My Way currently has over 7,100 drivers registered to their system. This number is only one of many metrics that reflects the rapid growth of the company and is a promising indication of their scalability.

The Flashstarts Accelerator is winding down over the next month, but we could not be more excited to see how Drive My Way continues to grow and progress.


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