Intrapreneur Sprint

This sprint is designed to help freshen up your work. The only thing we ask is that you attend with a project in mind or a problem to be solved. The experience is a mashup of design thinking and business modeling that will help you see your work through a startup lens.

First, we’ll focus on how to adopt the mindset of a startup: defining the value, prototyping, how to get customers involved, learning from failures, and iteration. It’s a lab session so you will be creating in real-time. Then we’ll shift our focus to validation: creating the tests, producing a field plan, and how to make sense of the data. Finally, we’ll help you formulate a plan to get others in your organization involved and how to create the pitch.  It’s an intense session and we promise it will be 7 productive hours away from your office! Come alone or with your team. 

Walk away with:

  • Customer/User Journey & Value 
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Low-Fidelity Prototype & Plan 
  • Customer Validation Plan
  • The Pitch

All sessions include breakfast and lunch so you can focus on the work and immerse yourself in the process.

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