The Flashstarts Startup Accelerator is a 12 week summer program modeled after YCombinator and TechStars. We give you money. You give us equity. We then build a business together.

We completed our first session with a successful Demo Day on September 23, 2013. Watch our Demo Day

We are currently in the midst of our Summer 2014 session.

Meet the Flashstarts 2014 Accelerator Class.

How Our Accelerator Works

The teams who are accepted follow a model based off of rapid cycles of iteration and feedback, and continuous market validation.

While Flashstarts reviews any team with any idea, our sweet spots are Enterprise IT (EIT) and Healthcare IT (HIT). Our Cleveland location is home to a world-class healthcare ecosystem with top 10 hospitals, 700+ health-related companies and institutions, 230,000 workers, and $1.3 billion in recent investment. A $465 million, 1 million-square-foot Global Center for Health Innovation just opened in summer of 2013.

Flashstarts teams are positioned to leverage these assets and receive up to $20,000 in cash, plus a variety of support services. We provide each team with our hands-on guidance and experience, an extensive network of mentors and a team of interns to help companies reach their goals. Flashstarts receives 8% equity in the form of common stock. Upon graduation, select teams may receive additional funding in the form of a convertible note.

There are four key groups to our accelerator program: teams, mentors, interns and advisors.


We are now accepting team applications. APPLY HERE.

Every team with an idea will be reviewed and receive feedback through our highly iterative application process. Fill out our application form and we will provide you with prompt feedback. Digest the feedback and reapply, and we will give you more feedback. Rinse and repeat.

Worst case – we serve as your practice accelerator application. Best case – your startup will be accepted into the FlashStarts Summer Accelerator.

Want more reasons? See our Top Ten Reasons to Pick FlashStarts.


Mentors provide teams with advice, feedback, and valuable customer and funding connections. Check out the current list.

If you are a seasoned entrepreneur, have founded your own startups, had some successful exits, and think you can help a new entrepreneur, please join our team of mentors on Linkedin.


Our diverse team of summer interns provides assistance to the startup teams and will gain valuable experience.  You can APPLY HERE.