Why choose Flashstarts as your partner in innovation?

Because we think differently!

We offer:

  1. Common sense, informed by decades of experience with thousands of startups; 
  2. A deep understanding of the opportunities and limits of new technologies;
  3. Rapid application and iteration using methodologies appropriate to each challenge;
  4. An insistence on actual metrics.

If we only learned one thing in our decades of actual startup innovation it is that: “All innovation journeys must follow their own path.” Only after learning your culture and your innovation goals will we suggest a path forward.

Why not hire a boutique innovation firm?

There are numerous boutique innovation firms with great addresses, distinguished histories, and established processes:

Plug n’ Play (Sunnyvale) can introduce you to dozens of startups; Innosight (Boston) employs legendary Clayton Christensen’s innovation methodologies; etVentures (Berlin) promotes their seed labs; Fahrenheit 212 (NYC) uses iterative project management solutions; Jump (San Mateo) employs design thinking; Rocketspace (SF) offers excellent assessment tools and offsite coworking.

Flashstarts (Cleveland) can assess your innovation readiness, conduct innovation offsites, provide iterative agile project management, teach startup methodologies, introduce you to startups, employ design thinking, or use any of a number of other innovation techniques – as appropriate for your organization.

Why not hire a big management consulting firm? 

You could hire McKinsey, EY, Deloitte, or PWC. But to paraphrase CBInsights:

“[H]ire an organization with a business model that hasn’t changed in one hundred years? Yup — they’ve studied innovation and have lots of frameworks. They’ve just never done it.”

 We are cheap.

Flashstarts understands at the deepest, most visceral level how to deliver rapid innovation in the most cost effective ways. We don’t just employ innovation techniques learned from startups we understand how to implement those lessons on the cheap.

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