Flashstarts is an accelerator and micro-VC firm devoted to building the next generation of Cleveland companies.

We focus on startups in healthcare IT, enterprise SaaS, data and analytics, AR/VR, lot, and FinTech. We believe that oftentimes the most profitable startup opportunities occur at the intersection of software and other, very different disciplines. We look for teams that combine domain expertise and passion with a deep understanding of agile development.

We kicked off the portfolio in the summer of 2013. Over the past six years, we have created a vibrant startup ecosystem that allows for something we term “engineered serendipity:” sharing knowledge, meeting new people, and accessing critical resources.

Our Core Offerings

We focus on three key areas that are most critical for starts: capital, resources & talent.


The most promising startups are offered a position in the Accelerator program. Flashstarts provides an initial investment up to $50,000 in the form of an equity investment, plus increased mentoring and coaching. The program culminates with Demo Day, attended by accredited investors, media, customers, and the community at large. Select companies are offered follow-on investment and all receive fundraising support. 

Labs Program

Startups can join Flashstart Labs, a pre-accelerator program that we launched in 2016, where they receive 6 months of free open desk membership at STARTMART, plus access to bi-weekly mentoring, interns, and professional services to assist in startup creation. The labs program provides a highly efficient means to tests concepts, form teams, and validate new business concepts.

Internship Program

Each year Flashstarts employs 25-35 college interns who are selected from over 500 national resumes.  Interns are matched with multiple startup teams from the Flashstarts Labs and Accelerator programs.  Interns are trained in business modeling, and are given weekly projects. Our interns focus on tech development and automation, customer validation, sales, marketing, social media and brand development.  

All of our progress has been documented in our blog. All our steps and missteps are there for everyone to see – and learn from. Meet our current portfolio companies. Meet our team.

For more information about Flashstarts, follow @Flashstarts on Twitter, or visit our LinkedIn page.