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Food for Thought with Robert Hatta


Almost every week, FlashStarts hosts an event called “Food for Thought” where we’re provided with a free lunch and a chance to hear one of our expert mentors talk about an aspect of entrepreneurship.

This week, our “Food for Thought” lunch event was with Robert Hatta. He has worked at Jumpstart as the Vice President of Entrepreneurial Talent, and is currently a partner at Hatch, LLC. At Jumpstart, he worked with portfolio company founders, CEOs, and executive teams on talent planning. He also provided strategic and transactional support for recruiting all levels of team members.

Robert spoke to us about building teams, internal team dynamics, and how to add to your team. He was very helpful since he knows exactly what our teams are going through in this process. He also answered any questions we had, and we all learned tons from him. 

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