Crypto Enablement Sprint

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are transforming the world of finance. While the underlying technology is complex, becoming a Bitcoin-enabled organization can be accomplished easily at low cost and little risk. 

Why become crypto-enabled?

There is no better way to understand why bitcoin is transformative than to actually start using it. Once you and your organization understand how to use bitcoin, opportunities to deploy crypto for tactical or strategic advantage will become readily apparent. 

Flashstarts Crypto Enablement Sprint will assist your organization to:

  • Establish a fiat on/off-ramp account ($USD or other national currency);
  • Setup a multi-token soft wallet,
  • Setup a multi-token offline hard wallet,
  • Acquire your unique FIO corporate domain,
  • Establish appropriate governance/audit protocols.
  • Optionally Setup your own corporate;
    • Bitcoin node,
    • Lightning server,
    • BitpayServer.

All sessions include breakfast and lunch so you can focus on the work and immerse yourself in the process.

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