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Women dominate Nichelle McCall’s former nonprofit life, but she’s a stand out in tech: Reinvention

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Nichelle McCallNichelle McCall, founder and CEO of Flashstarts’ portfolio company BOLD Guidance, spoke with about her experience reinventing her career and company.

McCall described how she turned a period of unemployment into time spent building a successful consulting business and how she went from a consultant to the founder of a technology startup.

“I realized that in order to help more people, I needed to leverage technology. I also started looking into how I could create a product, because I realized that investors want to invest in a tangible product and as a consultant, that’s something that I didn’t have,” she said.

McCall also introduces her newest startup. While developing BOLD Guidance, an app that guides students, parents and counselors along the college admissions process, McCall discovered a need for I Got In, an online college admissions marketing platform.

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