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This Startup Will Help You Become a More Informed and Better Citizen

An article about <remesh on AlleyWatch

remeshOur 2014 portfolio company <remesh, which is currently in New York City participating in the Barclays Accelerator powered by Techstars, was featured on AlleyWatch.

The NYC publication interviewed co-founder and CEO Andrew Konya about the inspiration to start <remesh and why they applied to Barclays. Konya also shared a bit about their product, which has pivoted from a chat app to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) for large organizations.

“We knew our tech solved the fundamental problem of quickly understanding what a group of people was thinking, and had identified over a hundred monetizable use cases, but had not decided which to focus on.  Many of these use cases were in fintech and others were in large organizations.  So, we saw Barclays + Techstars as the perfect environment to validate the value hypotheses around these use cases, pick the best, and execute on it.”

andrew konyaHowever, perhaps more surprising than this new iteration of <remesh is the New York investor who Konya would most like to connect with.

“Lady Gaga, because she is challenged with engaging with millions of people on a daily basis and would bring a perspective on the one-to-many engagement problem which is not attainable from the average investor.”

Read Konya’s full interview with AlleyWatch.

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