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In partnership with We Can Code IT, Flashstarts has launched The Dev Shop, Cleveland’s premier developer residency program. Developers graduating from universities and bootcamp programs can join the Dev Shop as residency fellows.

These developers are given the opportunity to apply their skills and build real products for customers in a professional enterprise team setting. Startups can leverage The Dev Shop to fill talent gaps and produce prototypes at a reduced rate. 

How We Work: Scrum Methodology

Scrum is an Agile development methodology used by modern development teams to rapidly create software that balance the costs of the project with the time and scope needs of the team and you (the product owner). An extremely democratic way to produce software, agile development has been proven to lead to higher quality products that are faster to market, and less expensive in the long-run.



How Pricing Works

Our week-long sprints allow you to review progress on a faster cycle, ultimately giving you more flexibility and greater control of your project. We work together during sprint planning meetings to determine what items on your wish list can be developed during a given sprint cycle and pricing will vary based on project requirements.


Need more reasons to source your project to The Dev Shop?

Everything we do is built in the United States. That means you can support local entrepreneurs at an affordable rate and you won’t ever need to concern yourself with international IP issues, excessive traveling, or cultural barriers and time zones.


Visit for more information or to request a project quote.



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