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Flashstarts 2017 Team Application Coming Soon

Joan SoskinBig disruptive ideas. Applications of technology that meet a drastic need, start a new industry, or change the world–the kind that attract a lot of people who tell you you’re crazy. These are the startups we are looking for.

Every year, Flashstarts operates a 12-week startup accelerator program in Cleveland for the most innovative, talented, and coachable software startup teams.

We provide 12 startup companies with initial investment, customized resources and a team of interns to meet your needs, and hands-on guidance from dedicated coaches. Just like our program, we have a highly iterative application process. Our review process is designed to help Flashstarts evaluate your startup and team, and vice-versa.

Is Flashstarts the Right Accelerator for You?

Our goal is to provide world-class resources and support for our startups. Therefore, in addition to capital (and office space), we provide the startup teams in our program with the right people and the right resources to help them validate and grow their businesses.

The Right People

We provide the teams in our program with guidance from our co-founders, Charles Stack and Jennifer Neundorfer, their expertise in retail, enterprise, and media software, and their experience successfully launching and exiting companies. Charles and Jen will be your coaches for the program and will provide you with guidance and resources tailored to your startup’s needs.

As a Flashstarts Accelerator company, you will also have access to our network of over 40 mentors. These mentors are all experts in their respective industries and are dedicated to helping you in the best ways they are able.

Each summer, Flashstarts runs an award-winning internship program in conjunction with its startup accelerator program. A pool of 20 talented interns will be available daily to help you with software development, graphic design, marketing, public relations, and/or accounting.

The Right Resources

The Flashstarts office is home to high-speed gigabit fiber access through OneCommunity. We are also an Amazon Web Services accelerator partner and Google Cloud Platform partner, so teams have access to the AWS platform and the Google Cloud Platform for Startups (cloud storage credits). We do our best to leverage the best resources that Cleveland and Northeast Ohio have to offer.

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Are You a Good Candidate for Flashstarts?

Flashstarts is looking for coachable teams teams with big disruptive ideas specifically in a number of areas.

We are looking for software startups that have unique, problem-solving ideas. While we review any team with any idea, our sweet spots include Enterprise IT (EIT) and Healthcare IT (HIT). If you have a game-changing application of technology–an idea that many may call crazy–that meets a real market need, we want to hear from you.

We accept both teams and solo entrepreneurs.

We believe there is no typical entrepreneur or founding team. We’re prepared to meet them where they are to build successful businesses together.

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