Team Spotlight: Curiosidy

We had a chance to sit down with Monica Cowan (CEO) and Ben Weinberger (COO) of Cursiosidy, a FlashStarts startup, and find out how their summer at FlashStarts has been so far.


Ken Gardner (CCO/co-founder), Monica Cowan (CEO/co-founder), and Ben Weinberger (COO/co-founder)

Curiosidy is a storytelling intranet for businesses. Employees can easily post stories that represent them and share with their peers – all on a beautiful, intuitive and secure platform.

What attracted you to the FlashStarts accelerator?
Ben: We actually submitted a profile on Tech Stars’ website, and Jen, the managing partner, saw it and messaged me! We liked FlashStarts, not only for the beautiful view that the office offers, but because Charles has so much experience. We wanted to be flexible with our idea and we know that it’s important to provide service that people want. That’s what FlashStarts is about. We had similar philosophies in that sense. Jen also told us that there was potential for developers and interns to work with us here, and we really liked that. It was like applying to college for early enrollment. This was the only application we filled out, and it was our first choice.

What are you and your team working on right now? 
Ben: We will be launching our private beta soon! We’re preparing for that, and are also working on perfecting site design and functionality–doing some nitty-gritty html and copy things. Along with that, we are making sure all of the legal stuff is in order, and have come up with a specific plan to get users on our platform.

What has been the biggest challenge this summer?
Ben: Conveying an abstract idea in a way that people understand has been challenging. Also, some delays in development have been obstacles for us this summer.

Tell us about working and living in Cleveland.
Monica: Cleveland is a lot different than anywhere else in Ohio. I like the vibrancy of Cleveland and I love the food here. And the connections that being in a big city in Cleveland enables is great too.

How do you like working with interns? Curiosidy2
Ben: It’s nice to have interns!

Monica: The talent pool is exceptional.

Ben: We haven’t used the interns as much as other teams because there are three of us, so we do a lot on our own. However, on many occasions we would ask interns to help us with certain projects and that has been very helpful.

Monica: It helped us free up our time to work more on the business side!

Any parting words?
Ben: I feel like being in FlashStarts shows that we are already successful. The atmosphere of this place–our “Penthouse at the Palace” and being downtown–makes us feel like we’ve already made it!

To learn more about Curiosidy, email Monica Cowan at, or visit

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