Team Spotlight: AProofed

We sat down with Mike Duniec from AProofed to learn a bit more about his company and his experience so far with FlashStarts.


Mike Duniec, CEO of Aproofed, Inc.

AProofed allows writers and editors to collaborate with each other in a marketplace environment. The online cloud-based platform allows editors to become self-employed while improving writers’ academic performances.

What attracted you to FlashStarts?
One of my professors recommended it. She thought it would be a good fit for my company to apply for a startup accelerator. Looking at the stage that the company was in, a startup accelerator would advance our progress and help us with what we couldn’t accomplish by ourselves.

What was the catalyst behind your idea/company?
AproofedI had the idea back in 2011 as a freshman at Kent State University.  The idea stemmed from my background in marketplace websites, online tech and personal writing struggles in school. I always would write papers and try to find competent people to help me improve my writing, but all of my friends didn’t know how to write either. Everyone I looked for as an editor was too expensive, and I didn’t have that kind of money. 

What are you currently working on?
We are working on developing our marketplace/website. We are working on its development and front end design, and are doing more market research to prepare for our fall 2013 launch at local colleges around NE Ohio.

What is it like working with interns?
It has been fun, it definitely tests my management skills. I like to identify my interns’ personal weaknesses and improve them and have them help me improve my weaknesses. It is a great learning experience for me and the interns I work with, if I didn’t have these guys, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

For more information about AProofed, visit or contact Mike at

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