Talking About My Work At Flashstarts Is Difficult

Flashstarts Intern Manan Ganeriwala

By Manan Ganeriwala, Denison University

Coming in as a Business Management Intern at Flashstarts Inc. was nerve wracking to me in every sense of the phrase. I’ve always considered myself more of a ‘finance guy,’ and taking up a role at a startup accelerator was really out of my comfort zone. Now that I am a little over the halfway mark, talking about my experiences in the Business Management department is by far one of the most difficult explanations I have to give, but not in the way you might think. 

“Intern driven” is a phrase that many employers like to throw out, but very few actually practice. Flashstarts really means it when they say that their interns will be doing meaningful work. All my doubts about being a Business Management Intern at a tech accelerator were washed away on Day 1 when I had to create in-depth financial models, revenue projections and prepare competitive analyses for multiple clients. On. Day. 1. And when I say I work for the client, I don’t mean being stuck in some back room working on excel 8 hours a day. I actually meet with the startup founders every day, help them with investor pitches and have direct communication with everyone I work for. And yes, there are also still excel sheets involved! 

Encapsulating my experience at Flashstarts in a few words is really difficult because I have done so much over the past few weeks. Not only have I worked with multiple companies (12 so far) and on multiple teams (3 each week), but I have also accomplished a lot for everyone I have worked for. I don’t do work that might, indirectly, someday be of help to the startups at a later date. My work is directly helping them enter their next round of investment. 

This brings me to my previous point of why it is so difficult to talk about my experience here—because no matter what I tell you, it won’t do justice to everything I have done here. Flashstarts really gives you the opportunity to develop personally as well as professionally. Moreover, you still have a little time for some ping-pong with your fellow interns during your lunch break.