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Taking Cleveland’s Entrepreneurship to a Higher Level

A Feature on StartMart in Fresh Water Cleveland

Fresh Water Cleveland wrote a great article summarizing the vision and progress of our home, StartMart. The entrepreneurial hub offers flexible leases and resources to startups to help StartMartthem scale, as well as a coworking space designed to inspire new startup ideas.

As the article explains, StartMart has its first four official startup members: <remesh, We Can Code IT, Qwickly, and Handelabra Games. (StartMart has room to house about 25 more startups… So apply while you can!) The startup founders talked about why they chose to operate out of StartMart.

Jeremy Handel, founder of Handelabra games, which makes digital board games across multiple platforms, also finds the location ideal.  “Downtown Cleveland is really on the upswing right now and we want to be surrounded by that,” he says.

Qwickly, which has a staff of three right now and is moving in this week, says the per person model worked well for them, too. “Knowing we have that flexibility, with our employee count going up and down, it’s comfortable for us,” DiGennaro.

StartMartStartMart currently has about twenty days left for its Kickstarter campaign, through which it hopes to raise $10,000 to provide its members with furniture and equipment.It’s also throwing a Grand Opening party next Tuesday, where guests can finally see StartMart’s progress and 35,000 square feet.

Read the Fresh Water Cleveland article.

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