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If you haven’t been to our Flashstarts home, you may not have had the opportunity to see StartMart, one of Cleveland’s top co-working spaces.  We have plenty of reasons why co-working spaces like StartMart are the place to be (not mention our Virtual Reality room & 3D Printer…), but if you need more convincing here are a few advantages of StartMart, and don’t miss our photo tour below.


  1. StartMart helps bridge the gap between classroom and real world practice. For recent students or entrepreneurs who are not interested in a traditional office experience, coworking spaces are a flexible, intermediary alternative that allow individuals to set their hours and design their space.
  1. Connection to freelance and entrepreneurial community. This goes back to the number 1 reason people love co-working – community! Working in close proximity to other professionals stimulates creativity and open thinking, StartMart also boasts several tenants with whom you might collaborate directly. For example, Flashstarts just launched a REBOOT program where highly skilled professionals who have been out of the workforce are employed and offered an opportunity to kickstart their careers as freelancers placing StartMart members in a premier position to utilize these freelancers’ talent.
  1. Interesting alternative to libraries. “Shhhhhh…” Feeling stifled by the sound of frustrated silence or a keyboard clattering away? We’re not surprised. Studies have shown that the most creative and innovative work places are also the most balanced in terms of support of individual and collaborative work (Gensler 2013 U.S. Workplace Study). StartMart offers individual offices for quiet work environments as well as an open floor plan designed for collaboration. Members are encouraged to move freely between these spaces as it suits their productivity needs.
  1. Educational workshops and lunch ‘n’ learns. Starting your own company is a process of constant learning, pivoting, and reiterating. This can be overwhelming to new entrepreneurs, but we help you learn by offering educational workshops. These events include a speaker who is an expert in their field and topics might include anything from content marketing to management techniques.
  1. Space for events such as meetups, hackathons, and brainstorming sessions. Part of the StartMart membership includes access to our presentation spaces. The largest of these spaces fits up to approximately 150 people and is fully equipped with audio and visual aids as well as tables and chairs.

  All the offices at StartMart are currently full, but our presentation space is always available for rent for private events. Please contact Anna Buchholz at with inquiries.