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StartMart growing companies in the CLE

A feature on StartMart by WKYC

WKYC featured our CEO Charles Stack and our home, Cleveland entrepreneurial hub StartMart, last night. The segment focuses on festivities from the StartMart Grand Opening on September 8th, as well as StartMart’s potential to bring jobs and startup companies back to our city.

“This is the first time it’s been done in Cleveland,” said Stack.

StartMart is where creative ideas are brainstormed for start-up companies to soar.

Start-up means companies that are hiring, not firing.

Start-up also means new jobs.

StartMart’s 35,000 square-feet will shortly be home to about 20 startups (the hub already is home to five) and over 100 entrepreneurs. However, as WKYC points out,StartMart is also set up to provide the hundreds of delegates, StartMartreporters, and crew coming to Cleveland next summer for the 2016 Republican National Convention with ample workspace.

Also featured in the segment a few of StartMart’s first startup members: Katy Baumbach of <remesh, Jeremy Handel of Handelabra Games, and the founders of Qwickly.

To learn more about StartMart and its plans for RNC 2016, visit

Read the WKYC piece.

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