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My experience at Flashstarts so far has really surpassed my expectations. What I appreciate most is the opportunity to learn. Not only have I had a chance to practice my skills in financing, I have also learned about so many different sides of a business: from marketing to outreach, to the importance of technology and how it impacts the growth of Flashstarts’ startups. There’s something really cool about this kind of immersion and how much it can teach you.

In this internship program, each intern is matched up with 3 different companies a week. Because of the intense pacing, the biggest challenge is learning about each of their companies’ products and structure while finishing different tasks. As a Business Management Intern, I completed competition analysis, marketing strategies, and investor engagement plan for different startups and companies.

Working in Cleveland has been amazing as well, especially with Flashstarts’ location being right in the heart of the city, Terminal Tower. There are so many great restaurants and places to hang out. My favorite thing to do is to go to the movie with other Flashstarts interns and my friends on Monday using the $5/movie deal.

I have also been able to take initiative on my own projects. I started a recycling program at the office. As a major in Environmental Studies, I’ve been proud to see how it impacts the community. (The dynamic workload of Flashstarts allows me to involve in unexpected projects. My favorite so far is to start the recycling program in the office. As an Environmental Studies, I am very passionate about doing my part for the planet however I can.)

This internship program is also special to me because it’s so big. With 28 students from throughout the country and world, I have been able to work in teams with my peers and learn so much from them. I also love the friendly environment of Startmart and all the team members of Flashstarts. They are very passionate, smart, and approachable.

We’ve only been here for a few weeks, but I look forward to learning more from and about the amazing people in this environment. There’s always something cool to learn, and I can’t wait to do more.

Khue Ngo is a Financial Economics and Environmental Studies Major at Denison University. She currently works as a Business Management Intern at Flashstarts. Her preferred oatmeal toppings are almond and bananas, and her favorite spot to work in the office is by the window so she can people watch.

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