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Saddle Chair Races:
A meditation on my Flashstarts internship as told through haiku

Got first day jitters?
Orientation will help,
and lots of oatmeal.

My role: software dev.
My work? Much more than just that.
Design, SEO.

By WeCanCodeIt
is the hidden tea room stash.
Use info wisely.

“Can you code in Swift?”
“I guess I can learn to!” Now,
Resume: Skills: Swift.

People demoing VR
oddly speak louder.

Papr: one startup
that’s backed by the Vatican;
Is my work holy?

On Unbox the Dress
I’ve learned to wireframe and
do graphic design.

Average day at work?
Lots of tea but otherwise
It’s always different.

Friday afternoon:
some internships rest, Flashstarts—
saddle chair races.

Sabrina Ko graduated from Smith College in May 2018 and majored in English with a minor in Computer Science. She is currently a Software Development Intern at Flashstarts, Inc. where she helps build startup companies. A fun fact about her: she has the same birthday as her sister but five years apart. For more information, please visit www.flashstarts.com.

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