Pitch NEON Event Highlights & Press

2018 has been a big year for Northeast Ohio.

Recent dialogue has called for changes in both leadership and economic development strategy, and these changes have been at the forefront of conversations in the startup community. For our part, this summer, Flashstarts hosted 10 early stage startups and 28 enthusiastic interns for our rigorous summer accelerator. Thousands of hours, hundreds of projects, and dozens of pizzas later, we couldn’t be more proud of the progress these companies have made.

To expand our traditional demo day beyond our usual audience and spark the fresh, dynamic conversations Northeast Ohio is searching for, we hosted Pitch NEON – a demo day… with a twist. Pitch NEON, hosted on September 10, 2018 at the House of Blues Cleveland, a gathering of innovators from around our region and the culmination of our Accelerator program. We invited attendees to explore ideas that challenge convention, elevate expectations, and spark fresh ideas.

Read event highlights from Cleveland Scene Magazine and Cleveland.com and listen to the Pitch NEON speakers below.



Pitch NEON Photo Gallery