Meet the 2018 Accelerator Teams!


We are thrilled to introduce the 2018 Flashstarts Accelerator Cohort. This cohort is a
culmination of our efforts this past year, and we are excited to say that the results are fruitful. This week, we welcomed 7 teams to the Accelerator and 5 teams to the Labs program, along with an unprecedented 28 talented interns. Enthusiasm and energy permeated the first few days, and we anticipate a vibrant summer of rapid company growth.

In the 2018 Accelerator cohort, our teams range from Vlipsy, a video clip search engine and social sharing platform, to OncoSolutions, a drug-screening technology that leverages 3D cancer cells. Geographically, the 2018 cohort hails from around the corner (Cleveland, Akron, Canton) and around the world (India & Ukraine), through our Global Entrepreneur-In-Residence program. No matter where they are from they share several attributes: deep industry expertise, a laser focus on attaining goals, and plans to revolutionize the way we live. 


Vlipsy makes video clips conversational.  Vlipsy includes a search engine for short,
expressive video clips used on messaging apps and social sites to enhance communication. Their search engine analyzes what’s trending on the internet and helps surface the best video clips so you can quickly find and share the most relevant content.


Adminix is a software deployment and management solution that helps developers to reduce the time spent establishing server infrastructure and managing apps in production. This platform includes pre-set container images to streamline software deployment, and a web application that simplifies IT operations and DevOps automation.


VirtualSpaces is a mobile Virtual Reality startup that transforms real estate into an immersive experience. Their cutting-edge software allows real estate developers, architects, and affiliate companies, to sell properties by turning design drawings into engaging, first person tours. Buyers get a sense of scale, size, height and depth, which no other technology currently provides.


OncoSolutions uses a robotic platform and aqueous polymeric system to generate
biologically relevant 3D tumor models for rapid, high throughput drug screening. Their innovative cancer drug screening technology reduces the high failure rate of cancer drugs in animal studies and allows resources to be focused on cancer drug candidates that are more likely to succeed.


Hedgemon produces hedgehog-inspired impact protection materials. The first product category is a liner that consists of polymer elements that extend from a support surface, much like spines projecting from a pelt. During impact, this design enables safe energy dissipation and acceleration damping. Like hedgehog spines, their products’ internal structures resist deformation.


The Splash CPQ quote-to-cash is a subscription-based SaaS application that improves the productivity and workstyle of sales teams and channels worldwide up to 40% by virtually eliminating sales administrative tasks, streamlining operational processes and centralizing multi-channel sales management at an affordable rate.


Millions of women have their original wedding gowns stored away in closets, too
cherished to throw away, too out of fashion and impractical to continue to store. Unbox the Dress and their unique design software enable women to safely store their treasured garments and repurpose these wedding gowns into custom designed products to gift or keep.


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