The Flashstarts Internship program provides talented interns with real-world experience. Our interns work with startup teams participating in our accelerator program, Flashstarts Labs, and at StartMart. Paid summer internships are open to undergrad and graduate students.

The time is almost here for you to apply to Flashstarts’ 2017 Internship Program. Below are the positions we are filling: each link will lead to their respective job description and qualifications. Select applicants should expect to hear back in early to mid March to set up phone/in person interviews.

Software Development (Closed for 2016) Public Relations/Marketing (Closed for 2016) Graphic/Web Design (Closed for 2016)

Please send your resumé and cover letter to

An internship with Flashstarts is very unique: it’s fast-paced, unpredictable, and does not consist of getting anyone coffee. Flashstarts interns must be self-motivated and learn on the job, as they do a lot of hands-on, “real world” work for a variety of startup teams. Our interns gain an exceptional amount of work experience in a wide spectrum of business disciplines.

We can try and tell you all about it, however, the only way to truly understand this internship is to hear directly from the interns. We capture the experiences of current and past interns in our intern blog to shed light on what it’s like, first hand, to be an intern at Flashstarts.

Learn about the intern experience at the Flashstarts Intern Blog on Tumblr: The Flashstarts Intern Blog 3 Things You Need to Know About Flashstarts’ Internship Program (As Told By Interns) “When you ride the elevator up to the 20th floor, take the stairs up to the 21st, and walk down the slightly creepy hallway with the low ceiling, you may raise an eyebrow. Then you get into the office. The office has this awesome open floor plan that nearly breathes creativity into the space.” This was 2013 accounting intern Vanessa Cotman’s first impression of Flashstarts’ “Penthouse Suite” on the top floor of the Keith Building. As interns, that was the first experience we had at FlashStarts. Here are the 3 things you need to know about FlashStarts’ internship program. Continue reading →