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Two additional startups apart of the 2016 Flashstarts Labs program pitched their ideas to our summer interns: Wheedle and InTouch, which both have recently formed a partnership in their desire to better integrate the virtual world into reality.

Innovative technology


InTouch has been in the works for more than two years and was a member of the 2015 Flashstarts Accelerator program. The company developed a mobile application which uses “Beacon Technology,” transmitting signals through bluetooth devices to anyone with the mobile app.

The app is already live in the greater Cleveland area, where businesses are able to request a beacon in order to alert potential clients within a certain proximity about their deals and services.

Alex Bernot (CEO), Jesse Kracht (COO) discussed their vision for a national and even global market for the technology, having already worked in areas outside of the US. They hope to be able to collect information from Intouch about client demographics in specific businesses or areas in order to give companies the ability to more effectively market to their target audience.

The perfect combination

Wheedle appears in the dictionary as, “To employ endearments to persuade someone to do something.”

The technology of InTouch lends itself nicely to that of Wheedle, another app which allows consumers and businesses to connect more easily. The definition of the word Wheedle appears in the dictionary as, “To employ endearments to persuade someone to do something.”

App creators, Brian Stein and John Weston, want to do exactly that, by offering its consumers a personalized dining and entertainment experience. When customers log onto the app, a small request page appears asking for information ranging from the type of restaurant desired, to price point and party size. Restaurants that fit the request’s description will get notifications and be able to contact the customer through the app with promotions.12745923_1712849858952462_4899131775887170984_n

This process gives consumers the chance to discover new places, while also giving restaurants the ability to provide them with the optimal atmosphere. The Wheedle app is currently active in Cleveland with its creators hoping to soon expand its scope to a number of cities nationally.

Both InTouch and Wheedle are exciting start-ups, showing promising potential to allow technology to be better embedded within our world. 

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