Gaining Experience That is New & Valuable

By Sonjoy Singhi, Cleveland State University

My internship at Flashstarts has been a fun experience because of the incredible tech startups residing in the building.  On my first day, many of the startups gave their pitch, and each of them were very different.  For example, one company was calculating the wing cycle speed of bees, and another company helped assist people with their mental health.

The interns were then given approximately four companies to work with simultaneously. I had to meet with all of my companies and get to know them.  Each of the companies had a unique task that they required, and as interns, we were assigned those tasks based on our discipline (marketing for me).  For example, the business students got market research and business development tasks, whereas computer science interns received new coding related integrations.  After meeting the companies, I realized that some of the companies had just started and others had been around for a couple of years.

Marketing Intern Sonjoy

FlashStarts has an open office layout, and I have managed to find a niche location in the office where I feel comfortable and most productive working. I divide up all my tasks and start hammering down in each of the topics.

One of the companies that I have been working for and enjoying is Impulse.  This app allows users to ask questions on the fly and get responses from the followers who use the app by swiping.  I have been heavily involved in market research for the social media marketing strategy with Impulse.  Also, I have researched the types of influencers that will help promote the app as well as the location to reach these influencers. I am now in the process of reaching out to these influencers. The experience with Impulse has been valuable, from strategizing to market deployment.  

To summarize, the Flashstarts internship program is valuable to us students because it gives us real-life problems to solve and an opportunity to cover topics that we have not had the chance to cover in depth from our respective colleges, such as social media marketing.  I am genuinely grateful for the opportunity here and looking forward to the new companies that I will work with soon.