Demo Day 2016 an Unprecedented Success

imag0584On November 30th, 150 people made their way to the City Club of Cleveland for the 2016 Flashstarts Demo Day. The audience included entrepreneurs, investors, and community members, each with a different purpose. Some came to learn about the 2016 Accelerator class, others to support the startup community in Northeast Ohio, and still others in search of promising investments. Guests were met with compelling presentations from the five Accelerator companies in the class of 2016 and promising updates from four legacy companies who have graduated from the Flashstarts Accelerator and have since been thriving.

Demo Day 2016 was kicked off by the Flashstarts executive team including Charles Stack, Shannon Lyons, and Jennifer Neundorfer. Immediately after, Dan Molthrop welcomed guests on behalf of the City Club of Cleveland. Stack encouraged all Clevelanders to support the continued momentum of the city by supporting startups saying that, “Startups are fundamental to economic success on two levels: they generate wealth and create jobs in Northeast Ohio.” Co-founder and COO Neundorfer added that investment is not the only way to support startups and encouraged guests to reach out to both current and alumni teams with introductions and resources.

Meet the Class of 2016

We look for deep domain and industry expertise along with a disruptive idea and the right team.

The Flashstarts Accelerator class of 2016 is our most promising class yet, and demo day serves as the culmination of their work during the accelerator. “What do we look for in startups for the Accelerator?” posed Stack to the audience. “We look for deep domain and industry expertise along with a disruptive idea and the right team.” These teams certainly meet those criteria.

(In the order of presentations)

Drive My Way – Drive My WayTM is a unique, online, personalized recruiting service that matches CDL truck drivers with available jobs based on their qualifications and over 20 personal preferences, such as schedule, location, pay and other benefits. The Match My Way technology lets both driver and employer know how well they match to each job posting before entering the hiring process.

Markers – Markers is an enterprise SaaS platform helping companies win institutional investors and comply with industry regulations. Investor Relations professionals can now source information from their internal content experts, edit, verify, and curate the information, and then distribute it to investors, all from a single source.

Wheedle – Wheedle enables consumers to find the best of what is going on around town, receive promotional offers, plan events, book reservations, and purchase tickets. Wheedle provides a two-sided platform which serves as a direct and dynamic marketing, communication, and pricing tool for establishments to directly promote their business to consumers who are looking to go out.

Parihug – Parihug changes the way we communicate over distance by introducing touch into tech. Parihug’s first retail offering allows loved ones to hug each other from anywhere in the world through electronically connected stuffed animals. When one is hugged, Parihug sensors detect the emotion and transmits a gentle vibration to its partner. They specialize in haptic telepresence – allowing people to physically connect over distances like never before.

Komae – Komae is a communal sharing platform that can be applied across multiple sectors. Their initial vertical is babysitting, with its associated $50B market size. Through their virtual, cash-free economy parents can exchange babysitting with a hand-selected network of people they trust. These exchanges leverage ‘Komae Points’ which are auto-calculated, transferred, and banked using our exclusive sharing economy formula. This solves the 4 pains parents feel: coordination time, guilt, trust, and high cost of babysitting.

Following the presentations from this year’s portfolio companies, Qwickly, Complion, We Can Code IT, and Remesh, alumni companies from the Flashstarts 2013, 2014, and 2015 accelerators, shared updates on their growth and successes. Collectively, these four companies are expanding in the education, healthcare, and tech industries with remarkable success. With the conclusion of the presentations, guests were invited to stay for demonstration by the teams and were encouraged to network and connect with Cleveland’s next generation of entrepreneurs.

To view pictures from the event, please watch our Facebook, Twitter and future posts. If you would like to view executive summaries from the 2016 Flashstarts Accelerator teams to better connect them with introductions or resources, please contact We are still accepting investments to the 2016 Flashstarts fund. For more information please visit or contact