For Every Ending a New Beginning Awaits

It was the conclusion of my junior year at Miami University. The next chapter of my life would begin with 25 other hungry interns staring down rice bowls, tacos, pizza, and more. Already the true signs of a great internship experience.

It was the beginning of my first week at Flashstarts’ internship program where I work as a graphic design intern, and it all started as we entered the office on our first day to find a coworking space the size of an entire mall floor. The space features one of the most diverse areas to work in, including workspaces such as standard offices all the way to hammocks, bean bag chairs, and furniture I don’t know the name of. We even have a workout space!

Day one, we immediately jumped in and began learning about Flashstarts, Startmart, and countless other starts. Just after that, we split up into groups and went into the city to conduct research on start ups and coworking spaces. We asked Clevelanders how Flashstarts could attract these companies into becoming customers or strategic partners. After our research session was complete, we gave short presentations to everyone, including the CEO, Charles Stack.

All in all, there are about ten different startups in a plethora of fields. Beginning with a blockchain based startup called Sundown, and ending with a new app called Impulse; the bumble and tinder of survey taking. After a quick round of speed dating with a wide variety of startups, the real work began. We were all assigned to work with 3 to 4 companies for the next week and a half.

We went straight into the trenches, and within our first week I was already designing user interfaces for two separate apps, developing marketing materials for pitch day, and wordsmithing a new name for the startup company Strings. That’s all design related, but I get to do more than just design work. One task I’ve been assigned to this summer by the Flashstarts team is to come up with a plan to implement a new office mural that will enhance our work environment even more.

Just one week done, but the fun has just begun.

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