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It takes a village to grow a startup, and luckily Northeast Ohio is home to a wealth of resources. However, resource discovery through fragmented networking that has long been the tool of entrepreneurs does not support the ‘just in time’ nature of startup needs. We established StartMart in Cleveland in October 2015 as a robust ecosystem where startups have the flexibility to grow into their work space, access a pool of resources, and be part of a fast-paced business community.


StartMart is our downtown Cleveland hub of resources and serves as a springboard for our newly launched strategic initiatives to attract, retain, and grow talent in Northeast Ohio. 



Flashstarts Strategic Initiatives:

The ReBoot program
is designed for aspiring freelancers and those seeking to re-enter the workforce after an extended period away from the working world. 

dev-shopThe Dev Shop gives new software developers the opportunity to apply their skills and build real products for customers in a professional enterprise team setting. Startups can leverage The Dev Shop to fill talent gaps and produce prototypes at a reduced rate. 

geir-logoThe Global EIR (Entrepreneur In Residence) program provides colleges and universities with the opportunity to increase global outreach and leverage international talent by establishing mentorship and academic collaboration in exchange for a sponsored H-1B visa. 


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