2016 Accelerator Class


Drive My Way Drive My Way is a unique, online recruiting service that matches CDL truck drivers with jobs based on their qualifications and personal preferences. If you’re a driver, Drive My Way matches you to the job that best fits your qualifications and preferences, so you can achieve the lifestyle you want. For employers, Drive My Way facilitates the best job match possible, so you can be confident you have hired the right driver for the position. View Drive My Way’s updates. CEO: Beth Potratz Website: drivemyway.com CrunchBase profile WebLinkWebTwitWebFace  

Komae Komae is an online platform that gives you the tools you need to exchange babysitting services with your most trusted friends, family, and neighbors. Komae uses a points driven, cash free, ecosystem and allows users to select individuals to be part of their village enabling a guilt-free exchange of services in a shared resources economy. View Komae’s updates. Founders: Amy Husted & Audrey Wallace Website: mykomae.com   WebLink      WebTwit      WebFace

Markers Markers is building software that pulls together all of the documents and information needed for Investor Relations officers at public companies.  Markers streamlines the process of collaborating with your internal knowledge experts.  IR can mine corporate collective intelligence and source enterprise knowledge faster and easier than ever before. View Markers’ updates. Founder: Reginald Cash Websitewww.markersir.com   WebLink

Parihug Parihug makes electronically-connected teddy bears, that let loved ones hug each pother from a distance using haptic telepresence. Two people separated from each other can hug their bear and the action transmits a signal to the matching bear, producing a gentle vibration in real-time and allowing people to stay connected despite long distances. View Parihug’s updates.   Founders: Xyla Foxlin Website: www.parihug.com CrunchBase profile   WebLink     WebTwit     WebFace

Wheedle Wheedle is a service that connects consumers looking to go out with establishments looking to attract their business. Consumers declaring their intention to go out and then receiving promotional offers from establishments that want their business. View Wheedle’s updates. Founders: Brian Stein & John Weston Website: wheedleapp.com CrunchBase profile   WebTwitWebFace