Case Western Reserve University will be home to ‘Cleveland Blockchain and Digital Futures Hub’

Blockland, Blockland University Support, Home | Full Article Case Western Reserve University President Barbara Snyder announced Tuesday the formation of a new “Cleveland Blockchain and Digital Futures Hub." The think tank will not only address blockchain technology, but also build on research in other areas, such as the Internet of Things and augmented and virtual reality. The hub will bring together business, academic institutions, government and tech accelerators across the region to develop research and build applications. Read More
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Case Western Reserve to Launch Blockchain Think Tank

Blockland, Blockland University Support, Home
Education Drive | Full Article The think tank was announced at a conference in Cleveland this week dedicated to exploring and expanding the use of blockchain in the city. However, "What the conference didn't do was lay out a step-by-step route to Cleveland’s success as a hub for blockchain," wrote reporter Emily Bamforth. Nonetheless, the region's higher education institutions — which include a mix of public and private two- and four-year colleges — are expected to play a critical role, with many already exploring blockchain. Baldwin Wallace University, for example, plans to offer professional development certificates in the technology next year, and local colleges are exploring adding blockchain to technology degrees. Read More
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