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We’re excited to share that Qwickly, from our 2014 Accelerator program, has formed an official partnership with Blackboard Inc. Blackboard will be licensing Qwickly for their K-12 market.

Read more about the news in the press release below.

Blackboard Brings the New Learning Experience to K-12 by Unlocking Cloud Content for K-12 Customers

Qwickly Building Block Lets Teachers and Students Seamlessly Integrate Third-Party Cloud Content into Courses


WASHINGTON, July 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Blackboard Inc. announced that teachers and learners in K-12 schools will now be able to easily integrate content from third-party cloud repositories like DropBox, Google Drive, and OneDrive, into their Blackboard courses using a new building block developed in partnership with the Cleveland-based educational technology company, Qwickly.

Today’s announcement marks Blackboard’s latest step in providing its customers with simple and convenient workflows. The Qwickly Building Block allows learners and teachers to leverage content produced in third-party cloud storage environments and integrate it into Blackboard courses.

“Learners and students not only desire, but expect their experiences with education technology to closely mirror that of their everyday lives, and for us that means making sure we’re making it easy for them to combine our powerful learning environment with their favorite tools,” said Mark Strassman, senior vice president of industry and product management for Blackboard. “We all know that learners and teachers keep important materials – both educational and otherwise – in a variety of different places. The Qwickly Building Block is a very cool tool that will help them bring it all together.”

The Qwickly Building Block is available at no additional cost to K-12 customers using Blackboard Learn 9.1. For more information, visit here.

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About Blackboard Inc.
Blackboard is the world’s leading education technology company. We challenge conventional thinking and advance new models of learning in order to reimagine education and make it more accessible, engaging, and relevant to the modern day learner and the institutions that serve them. In partnership with our customers and partners in higher education and K-12 as well as corporations and government agencies around the world, our mission is to help every learner achieve their full potential by inspiring a passion for lifelong learning. For more information about Blackboard, follow us on Twitter @Blackboard.

About Qwickly
Qwickly is an educational technology company located in Cleveland, Ohio, and provides the micro-platform that is installed intoBlackboard Learn™ as a Blackboard Building Block™. Qwickly increases the efficiency of communicating with members of multiple courses, as well as simplifying tasks that need to be done repetitively in each course an instructor teaches.

Qwickly is available in 4 flavors: Qwickly Basic (Free), Qwickly Upload Cloud Content Course Tool, Qwickly+, and Qwickly Premium. For a list of features, please check out Qwickly flavors page.  Qwickly is an educational technology company located in Cleveland, Ohio.

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