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Flashstarts offers an intensive, full-time, 12-week startup accelerator program that turns one-to-three person teams into successful startups.

Our program is modeled after the successful TechStars approach and our process consists of business model-specific cycles of rapid iteration and feedback.Our accelerator program is driven by teams of volunteer mentors. We will continue to aggressively build our mentor network; an up to date list of mentors is available at

The Flashstarts model begins and ends with customers. Customers help define the market, guide product/service development, confirm pricing, and ultimately validate the business with their dollars. LinkedIn will be used throughout the accelerator process, particularly to assist in connecting teams to mentors and to the mentor’s personal network.

All mentors, team members, and Flashstarts staff will be part of a private LinkedIn group. Teams will be able to use LinkedIn to select which mentors can provide the most value to them by reading the mentor’s profile and personal network. Members will be able to participate in private group discussions between teams and mentors on important issues. After Demo Day, mentors will also be able to continue assisting in the team hiring process by posting job listings to their network of connections.

We believe that the Flashstarts Accelerator can be a transformative force for Northeastern Ohio. Through coordination of our educational, financial, creative, and civic assets we can move our regional economy to a more entrepreneurial culture 12 startups at a time.