The 2 Step Startup

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Let's face it. Startups are hard. From big things like naming your business and crafting a brand to more mundane tasks like figuring out taxes or how to market through email newsletters, there's always more to do. It's very easy to lose sight of the straightforward goal that you started with: starting a business. After years of striving to help entrepreneurs succeed, I've developed a simple formula that gets straight to the point. It's called the "2 Step Startup Formula". If you can stay focused and boil your core process down to this, you'll be on track to succeed in the startup arena. The formula is as follows: 1. Get one person to give you money for something. 2. Repeat. I wasn't kidding when I said it was simple. Believe…
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An Entrepreneur’s Quick and Easy Guide to Authorizing and Issuing Shares

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Picture this: you have just come up with your million dollar idea. Snappy Name? Check! You're ready to take the next step in creating a brand new legal entity so you can start distributing shares to potential investors. You have also decided that you don't need the flexibility (or the legal expense) of an LLC, and have yet to be given any reason not to be a YADC (Yet Another Delaware Corporation). You've gotten halfway through the BizFilings process (or something similar) when you come across a question. How many shares would you like to authorize? And what should the par value be? You have no idea. You're stumped. Luckily, we've helped hundreds of companies with this exact process. Here's what you need to know. Make no small plans Most advice out there…
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Flashstarts’ Pitcher Night – Take Three

Aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs have the chance to pitch their unique, game-changing business ideas at TechPint at The Agora on 12/3. $1,000 in cash prizes will be awarded as the judges see fit. All finalists will receive a 1 month open desk membership to StartMart. Is your idea good enough to take it all home? Or will more than one pitcher walk away with a prize? Those interested in pitching can apply here with a short 2-minute pitch video by 11:59PM on Monday, November 30th. The top six (6) pitchers will have 3 minutes to present their ideas to a very live TechPint audience on Thursday, December 3rd at 6:00 PM (no slide presentations please). The winners will be selected at the discretion of the judges (with a healthy dose…
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From Concept to Company in 8 Hours

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We're pleased to present Flash Start, a one-day class where you will turn your new business idea into a company. Over the last three years, our team has collectively helped launch over 75 companies. We've refined our process so you can go from concept to company in one 8-hour class. There will be hard work involved, but the satisfaction and excitement of starting your own business will be the only part you remember. The primary benefit is that the many hours saved with our program (possibly weeks if you include procrastination) can then be spent getting customers and making money, not researching and learning how to do things you may never need to use again. The Details What: A build-your-company-in-one-day bootcamp. When: Saturday, November 14th, 2015 from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM…
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Flashstarts Presents: The HBS-NEO Pitch Contest

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We are proud to team up with the Harvard Business School Club of Northeast Ohio to present the 2nd annual HBS-NEO Elevator Pitch Contest! The startup pitch competition will take place on Thursday, November 5th, 2015 in conjunction with the annual HBS Dively Award event. At the HBS-NEO Elevator Pitch Contest, students, aspiring entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to pitch their early-stage startup idea in three minutes for cash awards. First place wins $1,000; second place, $500; and third place, $250. Those interested in pitching at the competition must first RSVP to the Dively event before submitting their video application to Flashstarts. Submit your application. Applications to pitch are due Saturday, October 24th, 2015. Flashstarts' coaches will select the best applicants to compete at the event. Selection criteria includes: •  Creative use of software •  Unintended but…
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StartMart gets grant; pitch competition set: Local Business Briefs

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An Article Featuring StartMart on The Plain Dealer News that StartMart was successful in reaching its initial $10,000 goal on Kickstarter and will receive $40,000 from the City of Cleveland has spread to The Plain Dealer. The article reports that Cleveland's first entrepreneurial hub was awarded a $40,000 grant from the City's Department of Economic Development. As the grant requires matching funds, StartMart is hoping to raise the match by setting a 'stretch' goal of $40,000 on Kickstarter. The entrepreneurial hub launched the Kickstarter campaign on Aug. 19 to raise funds for supplies, such as tables, chairs, whiteboards and paint, and provide scholarships for members. StartMart aims to connect people, ideas and resources in a 35,000 square-foot multi-functional facility located in the Terminal Tower. Read the full article.
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StartMart Meets $10K Funding Goal on Kickstarter

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Great news for StartMart! The entrepreneurial hub is announcing it successfully reached its initial goal of $10,000 on Kickstarter. Additionally, the City of Cleveland is awarding StartMart with a $40,000 grant that requires matching funds. To fulfill this match, StartMart is boosting its Kickstarter goal to $40,000. More details are in the press release below. StartMart Meets $10K Funding Goal on Kickstarter Cleveland Entrepreneurial Hub Increases Goal to $40K to Match Grant from the City Cleveland, Sept. 15, 2015 – StartMart, an entrepreneurial hub in Cleveland, announced today a $40,000 grant from the City of Cleveland that requires matching funds. As a result, StartMart, which successfully met its initial goal of raising $10,000 on Kickstarter on Friday, is setting a ‘stretch’ goal of $40,000 on Kickstarter to raise the match.…
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StartMart growing companies in the CLE

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A feature on StartMart by WKYC WKYC featured our CEO Charles Stack and our home, Cleveland entrepreneurial hub StartMart, last night. The segment focuses on festivities from the StartMart Grand Opening on September 8th, as well as StartMart's potential to bring jobs and startup companies back to our city. "This is the first time it's been done in Cleveland," said Stack. StartMart is where creative ideas are brainstormed for start-up companies to soar. Start-up means companies that are hiring, not firing. Start-up also means new jobs. (more…)
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Taking Cleveland’s Entrepreneurship to a Higher Level

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A Feature on StartMart in Fresh Water Cleveland Fresh Water Cleveland wrote a great article summarizing the vision and progress of our home, StartMart. The entrepreneurial hub offers flexible leases and resources to startups to help them scale, as well as a coworking space designed to inspire new startup ideas. As the article explains, StartMart has its first four official startup members: <remesh, We Can Code IT, Qwickly, and Handelabra Games. (StartMart has room to house about 25 more startups... So apply while you can!) The startup founders talked about why they chose to operate out of StartMart. Jeremy Handel, founder of Handelabra games, which makes digital board games across multiple platforms, also finds the location ideal.  “Downtown Cleveland is really on the upswing right now and we want to be surrounded by that,” he says.…
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Of Density and Diversity: A Feature on Jennifer Neundorfer

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Our CFO/COO Jennifer Neundorfer came to Cleveland with an impressive background working with YouTube, Google, Fox Networks Group and Monitor Group. She excels at championing young startups, strategic planning, and identifying opportunities and resources. We're thrilled that CBC Magazine recognized and featured her work here at Flashstarts and at StartMart in the cover story for its September/October issue. In the article, Jennifer explains her and co-founder Charles Stack's rationale for creating Flashstarts and StartMart. “People ask, ‘What does Cleveland need to do to become the next Silicon Valley?’” Neundorfer, the CFO/COO of Flashstarts, asks. “That’s the wrong question. We should ask, ‘How do we leverage the assets we have in Northeast Ohio to become our own entrepreneurial and technology hub?’” One of the key purposes for StartMart is to combine the volume of people and…
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