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Adventures in Blockchain

Adventures in Blockchain


I have been casually following blockchain for a number of years now. About eight years ago, I made a small investment in bitcoin. That investment grew a lot and then shrank almost as much. My early investigations resulted in an initial conclusion that cryptocurrencies would be interesting, but limited. That was wrong. Cryptocurrencies were just the beginning of what now is clearly a blockchain revolution.



The 4th Great Disruption

This would officially be my fourth major disruptive innovation cycle. The first was the launch of the personal computer the second was the birth of the Internet and the third the development of web services. I am now convinced that blockchain is the fourth great wave of technical innovation in my career.

During the PC revolution, I founded a law office database company named Parallax that used personal computer databases for asbestos case management. For the Internet wave, I was fortunate enough to start one of the first online Internet retailers in 1992 with The web services revolution presented an opportunity with a enterprise software company that I founded named Flashline.

Now that I run a startup accelerator, my role in the blockchain revolution will be primarily as an investor. This blog thread will document my travels and learnings as I continue my investigation into blockchain, crypto currencies, and the possible investment opportunities presented by this new wave of disruptive innovation.


As an investor in the dawn of this fourth wave of innovation…


Flashstarts announces Blockchain+ Fund

Flashstarts has just announced our latest micro venture fund entitled Flashstarts Blockchain+. For this fund, we will invest in companies using blockchain and other disruptive technologies. Flashstarts will host a preliminary information session on November 14 where we will provide background on blockchain and discuss the various investment opportunities that blockchain presents. If you would like to join us please click on the link below or see our event page.

RSVP for November 14th



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