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See our startup teams present at Demo Day 2013.

AProofed AProofed allows writers and editors to collaborate with each other in a marketplace environment. The online cloud-based platform allows editors to become self-employed while improving writers’ academic performances. View AProofed’s updates. AProofed          

BOLD Guidance BOLD Guidance navigates students through college applications and allows counselors and parents to view their progress. The online platform and app makes the college application process easier with step-by-step guides and automated deadlines, tasks and reminders specific to each application. View BOLD Guidance’s updates. BOLD Guidance Founder: Nichelle McCall Website: www.boldguidance.com CrunchBase Profile WebLink2Consult MangoWebFace2WebYou2 (2)    

The BranDR The BranDR is committed to helping physicians create and maintain their personal brand identities online. Its mission is to revolutionize the way patients find, select and interact with their doctors, by allowing them to access personalized doctor profiles. View The BranDR’s updates.

Software service to create, maintain and optimize doctors’ brand identities online


Complion Complion (formerly RegBinder), a product of Trailhead CFR, is a web application for managing regulatory documents of physician-sponsored clinical trials. The app is the only platform that instantly enables physicians to coordinate a clinical trial without additional procedures or risk. View Complion’s updates. Complion Founder: Rick Arlow Website: www.complion.com CrunchBase Profile WebLink2    

Crowdentials Crowdentials provides portals, entrepreneurs and investors compliance solutions to easily navigate and comply with the JOBS Act. The SaaS creates streamlined applications that are as intuitive as they are scalable. Crowdentials aims to service its customers to the highest standards by providing everything from implementation to ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting. View Crowdentials’ updates. CrowdentialsFounders: Richard Rodman, Rohan Kusre, Max Heckel Website: www.crowdentials.com CrunchBase Profile WebLink2 Consult MangoWebFace2    

Curiosidy Curiosidy provides organizations with beautiful and engaging intranets rooted in storytelling. Why storytelling? Stories are fundamentally human. They help us feel more connected and shape information into meaning. On Curiosidy, members create profiles where they can easily post stories and share with their peers – all on a private, intuitive and secure platform. View Curiosidy’s updates. Curiosidy          

LegalFunnel LegalFunnel helps individual lawyers grow their business through facilitating online contact with targeted, quality leads. This is accomplished through key word search optimization, online web presence development and personalized branding. View LegalFunnel’s updates. LegalFunnel          

Ohio Independent Cinema Ohio Independent Cinema strives to inspire an appreciation for independent films by making them more accessible for the general public. The company provides a new distribution option for independent filmmakers. View Ohio Independent Cinema’s updates. Alternative distribution for independent films          

Smooth Smooth is a sophisticated, yet simple personal finance app currently in development. The program generates personalized recommendations that help users improve their standard of living and offers incentives for users to follow the recommendations. View Smooth’s updates. Gamified lifetime personal finance app Founders: Isaac Yoder, Alex Kotlikoff CrunchBase Profile Consult MangoWebFace2      

Synthetic Intelligence Synthetic Intelligence sells Big Data cloud and consulting services. The software/hardware solution “makes Big Data go faster”. View Synthetic Intelligence’s updates. Synthetic Intelligence Founder: Joe O’Donnell CrunchBase Profile